I had actually planned on starting this comic much earlier than I did, nay about two or three months earlier, back when trying to stick to a schedule counted. Guess I have just too much on my plate an any one time, and only so many things can ever fall into place at once. Can’t be expecting everything to go right can we?

More to the point I finished this comic in record time, 3 days in fact. That might still sound like a pretty long time, but compared to the exodus of a week, this is far easier. Perhaps I can actually mean it this time when I say expect more, more often. Like weekly even.

What’s more my character drawing is coming along quite well, no more ripping multiple pages out of my sketch pad just to get a face right. Which is kind of a god-send because paper isn’t a cheap thing when your as fussy with brand as I am.

On another note entirely, I decided to take some of my own advice. I’ve officially decided to become a heretic and join the followers of Cthulhu for a number of reasons. Least of all that his giant tentacles beat the hell out of any giant spaghetti monster any-day.

Besides, if your an atheist and feel the to have a cool sounding answer to your religious belief, than Cthulhu is defiantly the one. He’s better to draw, and there’s real books written on him, even if the point of this whole thing is primarily to poke fun at the silliness of faith.

So yeah, … Later.