Well I’m ranting again which can mean only one thing….. Risky has made some progress =D. Though i don’t have any real subject matter to talk about I’ll see what i can do…

PROTOTYPE has and still continues to take up a portion of my time doesnt matter how long I play the novelty of such stupid power and senseless destruction of life and property is just greatly entertaining for me (and I like to jump around NY like a tard) though the storyline line is a little schyzophrenic as you jump between Alex’s utter confusion and merciless rage It plays out rather well. Unless you played no attention to your ‘Web of Intrigue’, in spite of my fist impressions of him being a little whiny, has bullied and butchered his way to one of my favourite anti-heroes worth a play if you dont mind running back and forth across a city for a few hours.

On another unnecessary note just today, Risky has put me onto this program used to view celestial maps, which is very cool (though im not going to link, you can ask Risky =P) and I’m currently playing with, only half focused on ranting, so excuse my distaction.

The other somewhat important thing to me at the moment is trying to obtain a copy of Syntactic Structures. It’s a linguistic text written by Noam Chomsky, though it’s not hard to find, so finding one my ultimate goal, particularly a first edition, although it appears to not exist. I’ll most likely have to settle for a second edition, that or continue to look for a little while longer… wish me luck.

PS: anyone that knows where a 1st edition of Syntactic Structures can be found let me know ^_^