It’s 4 a.m. and I’ve only just finished my latest comic after nearly nine months on hiatus. Normally after such an arduous task I’d immediately save my progress, shut-down my computer, and go to bed to crash. The weird thing is that instead of doing that I feel like drawing some more. It’s a very hard urge to resist, and I wouldn’t if I wasn’t so tired. I’m having to tear myself away because I can’t WAIT to start on the next comic, and not just because it’s got zombies in it, or that it’s got the guys from clerks in it, but because I have these awesome ideas for how the comic will look.

Normally my comics are pretty strait and narrow, nice a sharp edges, each panel completely independant or the other, with only the words intruding on the black space. The idea is that instead I’m going to experiment with torn paper edges, something I’ve never done before. I’m going to try, at least in part, to echo the raw textures in Left 4 Dead 2, and give the comic a more desperate, earthy appeal.

I’m not at all understating this when I say it’s quite a challenge. Due to the lack of words in the comic I have to rely almost entirely upon my artwork to convey the message, which could be quite a tricky mark to hit. In addition to this I feel like trying to draw the characters for this more realistic, more like the style of a western comic by Marvel or DC. I don’t usually have this kind of focus on a project, or zeal for trying new stuff, or impatience to start on the next project immediately after I just finished the last. I’m having force myself to get some sleep. I am only human after all.