Step right up, step right up everyone. Whether you’re good or bad, happy or sad. Whether your an emotional wreck, or a blissful speck in this back hole of an existence we call ‘life’. Step right up and witness something you’ll be soon to never forget. Feast your eyes on the most exotically impressive work I have ever created. The horribly wonderful bastard child of Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ with the pure unadulterated awesomeness of ZOMBIES!

I do apologize to everyone at the 2010 Supanova Melbourne convention two weeks ago for the delay, but it’s finally released. Free now to wreak it’s havoc upon society.

In case any of you are wondering what inspired this… my mate Chris Booth has long been a fan of B-Grade horror movies. So it should be no surprise when he mentioned that I should do a comic involving zombies walking into a 7-11, that it was immediately obvious to me that it should be set in the universe of Clerks. His idea was essentially that Zombies could be much less of a plague and more of a hindrance upon society. It’s never been done. At least not that I can tell.

In every zombie movie as far as we’ve both seen, Zombies are always portrayed as an outbreak, an uncontrollable mass that destroys society in a matter of hours. What if it wasn’t so rapid? What if they roamed around aimlessly? Never talking. Never dying. Just moaning. Hordes of the dead just standing around. On street corners. Under bridges. In parks. Seldom ever attacking people, and even then most people can easily avoid them. They’d become part of everyday life. Normal.

Sure some people might simply ‘kill’ them. But if this happened in real life perhaps some people wouldn’t want them to be exterminated. After all how could you KNOW for sure they didn’t remember being alive? They feel hungry. They can remember the word for ‘brains’. How could you know that they wouldn’t feel pain? In short I think this would be an awesome movie if it were done in a style similar to District 9. So if there’s any interested directors, feel free to write me!