I Hate Howard But He’s Right

Go here and have a read. You may be forgiven for thinking that this article is very one sided.

Quotes from a university history professor and an education minister are used here to slam soon to be ex-primeminister little John Howard for his proposal on a national Australian history high-school subject.

You’ve already heard the offensively uninformed arguments of a few persons that clearly have no knowledge of the scientifically conducted research that leads the trends in educational practice amongst professionals (aka teachers in public and some private schools that embrace improvement). So what about the truth then?

Truth is that in any subject it is impossible to cover all the basics in any meaningful way. Rather, all that can really be done is to give students the knowledge and skills they will need to research this information themselves.

Yes that’s right. John Howard is the only person in this article that actually knows what he’s doing.

And why do I ‘know’ this? Because I was trained as a teacher by Qld’s own world respected QUT. A place where they teach us that they can’t teach us all the basics but they can teach us how to teach ourselves all the basics (there are a lot of basics). (No way a few hours a week of university classes can do that. There is a lot of information out there to sort through.)