Well, welcome to yet another month of old gags and no comic storyline yet. I’m starting to sound like a broken record constantly saying this, but just to assure my fans that there is in fact a comic story line coming, and I’m making an effort to finish comics on a weekly basis… thanks for waiting =)

Now, with the apologies out of the way I just thought that I’d share something with all you guys. You see I thought it weird I’ve never shared any of my interest in comics, especially because those who already know me in person get a constant barrage of what’s going on in comics.

I don’t read just any old comics these days, the times of admiring Stan Lee’s work have long since dried up like a certain river in Victoria I could mention. Now-a-days I find myself only wanting to read the truly unique, the especially rare, and the exceptionally beautiful. So occasionally you come accross a real jem of a comic, and at the moment that is Lucha Libre, a comic written by Jerry Frissen, and regularly illustrated by Gobi. It’s truly awesome, and Muttpop have a fantastic range of Vinyl toys from the series, from which I own three so far. Believe me there are many more I’d love to mention, but I’ll leave it there for now.

Check it out if you have the time. Cheers \^O^/