I’d like to say I enjoyed writing rants, or at least enjoyed them enough to write them with even a marginal sense of regularity, sometimes things just never seem to materialize for me. Its weird how a simple schedule, and list of things to complete on the weekend can easily confound your entire time, and what was once simple now bites into valuable moments for other things. It gotten to the stage where I have books I’ve been meaning to read, and having lent them from friends and collegues its getting to the crunch time of reading them or handing them back.

I have acres and acres of picture files that I’ve saved over the years, most because I liked them visually. It would be nice if there was an intelligent program that could go through and catalog them and organise them in a way I could easily search and find appropriate images quickly and efficiently… a ‘picture search engine’ if you will. Like… draw a basic image of the kind of things you were looking for, and it would go away and come back with a similar collection of images that match the shapes, colours, textures that you were thinking of. I’m yet to see anything aside from a standard ‘text search engine’ come to fruition.

What’s become increasingly obvious to me is the sheer lack of true innovation in any of the tech industries. Sure there is one hell of alot of refinement of the existing technologies already available, its amazing just how big data storage has become at little, if any, increase in the overhead cost. Processing technology has undergone a very similar kind of steady advancement, but cell (battery) technology for comparison offers little real advancement beyond a few extra minutes. I’d like to see the spinning platter hard drives replaced with better flash (hard state) memory hard drives, but if the market is the only mechanism I have my doubts if that will ever happen. I might just be growing impatient with the ‘more of the same’ mentality.

On a completely seperate note, I’ve been steadily working out the details for my comic. The main characters have been fleshed out really well… the main elements of the story and the basic three crew members. Also, I’ve made a 3D mesh of the starship that will be featured in the comic, the idea being that its alot easier to regularly draw technology from a model, than out of my own head. I’m probably going to be experimenting with making a more pictures in the coming weeks as I finish writing, and beta version my scripts, and attempt a few preliminary ‘trial’ comics. So you might see a few interesting things happening here over the few coming weeks.

You’d never believe all the work involved in a comic, reading them for years I don’t think I truely appreciated all the work that goes into the first issue of a comic. I can’t say I’ve read any of the first ever issues of my favourites, but I can surely begin to appreciate the amount of work and risk that certainly went into creating them in the first place. Right from idea – to concept – to trials – to issue one, you (the public) see very little, if anything. With everything hanging on the first ‘issue’ of a comic, I can only hope and wonder how things will eventually turn out. Its no wonder the first ever issue is so prized and admired above all others. Please be kind ^_^;

On another note,… the Silent Hill movie kicked ass,… much admiration and respect goes to all involved. A totally brilliant movie!