Just a quick update to say that this years Masquerade Fun Day for the Chris Barrett Foundation at beauty park, Frankston was a big success. With all the proceeds going to the very needy cause of Youth Mental Health awareness. Had loads of fun and met some awesome people. Mind you it seems the favorite commission if the day was Spider-Man… which means I’ll probably have to do a comic based on Spidey soon.

Also, I’ve started going to the local South East Comic Creators meet-up in Frankstons’ Ha’Penny bar, held on the 3rd Saturday every month at 1:00 pm. It’s amazing how much local talent we have. Makes me think I’ll have to see if I can get someone to do a guest comic sometime. Message me if you’re interested.

In other news the websites nearly there, with just a few small problems to sort out. I’m very happy with the new design which does a far better job of showcasing my work. However there are those last little annoying bugs to fix. Then just done final TLC and it’s done.

Lastly. I have a new comic in the works – hopefully you’ll be able to follow my progress on Twitter!