Forgive me if this makes no sense, it’s my first update after-all.

Okay the website’s been getting a major overhaul recently. New header banner, new site layout, software back-end upgrades… the works really. I’ve got a brand new design very much inspired from, and it’ll take a few more days to get ready but it’ll get there eventually I promise you that. We’re pretty much ready to go functionally. I even fixed that annoying navigation issue…

If you haven’t noticed yet I’ve separated the comics into several different story-lines: “In Real Life” (basically these are all comics about things that really happened to me), “Alternate Worlds” (comics about taking existing ideas into different situations and universes), and “ShinyVerse” (my up-coming science fiction comic odyssey).

The comic featured on the homepage will still be the most recent comic I’ve uploaded. But form now on the navigation below it will click-through to that project and the navigation will only show you the comics from that story-line. It makes more sense, for instance, if you’re reading through the alternate worlds comic, you can click next and won’t have to click past comics that aren’t relevant to what you’re reading.