I’ve finally managed to post the first page of my comic and I can’t begin to tell you how proud this makes me feel. Nor can I properly tell you how far behind schedule I seem to be getting. The plan for this month has met a fateful demise at the hands of a ninja blade. Still through all the slackdom I’ve finally managed to drag a comic out of the etheral blackhole that is my own head. Sometimes I never thought I’d see the day when an actual comic graced the space above my rant, and now this day has finally come I find myself at a loss of anything meaningful to say…

The first thought that pops to mind is ‘that it’s about time I got to this point’. Getting serious about for once, getting beyond my slacker nature and actually following through on something I want to do. I wan’t being dramatic when I said I’m behind schedule etiher, to be truly honest the comic very nearly reached posting quality a few weeks ago. In fact I’ve been teetering on the edge of posting since the 15th.

To simply the problem somewhat, the problem I had was that the comic I had produced was just crap, and needed serious redrawing and tweaking. I kinda just had the feeling looking at it, that it lacked a certain something that made the comic worth doing in the first place. It lacked any personality or attitude of it’s own, and jsut screamed ‘amateur’. Once again I delayed posting my comic, something I’ve done many times before. It doesn’t help that I decided to add in an extra member of my crew on the first page. It caused serious rewriting problems, but I really needed to be done from a story perspective. I had two of my character roles mixed up, and while sometimes that can work for a story, in this case it was just silly.

So I had a number of problems that required me to get those changes ready before I redrew page one. But in spite of the 2 week delay this caused, along with the sleepless nights and lack of diet I feel my comic is that much better for it. Better late than never I suppose.

I suppose you learn alot of things as you go along, but more often than not I find experience can be a cruel master. Often I’ll look at something I’ve made and only see the flaws in it, but sometimes you know that something just isn’t up to your standard. I kinda missed some rather important points on my first few attempts and produced some really quite lovely piles of funky smelling waste. Rather than dispose of them I’ve keep my failiures, actually I’m not entirely certain why I even kept these abominations of progression, perhaps I’ll use them one day to write an article on what to avoid when creating comic pages.

I just hope my schedule of a weekly comic isn’t overly enthusiastic, because I really want to stick to it. I just have to remember I’m still new at doing this, I haven’t even developed a reliable method for doing this. I’m not overly worried cus I have no doubt I’ll get better at this the more I do.

Lastly, please keep in mind that we’re a little young as far as webcomics go. Please spare a moment for your writer/artist Risky here and tell your friends. =)