Well, I’m currently sitting in the Virgin Blue Lounge in Brisbane airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. The weather reports were alright this morning so hopefully this flight won’t be full of turbulence and arse, but either way it doesn’t really matter. For all my fans, this is basically my one time off in the year where I can actually get some real work done on my comic, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish off my current project, and draw quite a few more so that you don’t have to wait on me forever.

On another note, I’m current working on updating the site from the previous generation of WordPress to the new one. Marginal improvements in terms of performance, but it feels much nicer and I think there are a few things that will make life a little more fun for all you guys. That said it’s still very much in the alpha stage on construction, and doesn’t even yet look the part, so expect it to take me a week or two over my holiday to get it working and looking right. If you’d like a sneak peak have a wander over here.

I’m not dropping off the end of the planet, I’ll still be checking my emails daily and such, so feel free to keep on asking me questions, and prodding me for more comics. I’ll also be on chat regularly, so for those of you with my MSN contact I’ll still be around for you to talk to. Anyway,… I’ll see you all in Brisbane again in another two weeks. Catch-ya!