Long gaps in my diary,… *stares at the void*… not that silence is a bad thing, but in terms of regularity this kinda thing looks a little sparse to me. Time passes by so easily sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to maintain writing this thing, just every now and then I notice this void growing between rants,… sometimes it bothers me enough to write a new one.

I finally have a working concept of a story, well at the moment its more a description of a reality, and a main character that inhabits it. No story yet but I figure one will flow from the other, and having a world as interesting as this one could potentially lead to quite a few interesting stories. Now to write them…

My sketchbook must also be getting a little lonely,… I still carry it like – everywhere I go, but I haven’t scratched something into it for a few weeks now… The inner artist in me is getting a little impatient,… finding weird little projects to keep itself satisfied until I settle on a story at some random point in the future.

The good news on the time front is that I’ve decided to take a few weeks off from my work duties and take a well deserved holiday in a colder climate. For those of you who live in colder climates this might seem a little strange, but living in year-round hot temperatures can occasionally make you look for reasons to go to a colder climate and wear a jacket.

If everything does work itself out, I’ll certainly have a working script for chapter one before Christmas rolls around. At the moment it feels like I’m retro-fitting sidewinders to myself, I have a strange confidence that this acme-rocket will indeed fly instead of falling to bits half-way up and slamming me into the ground at many hundreds of kilometers per hour… =/

On another note, it’ll be nice to finally meet some people I have known for ages, and some I only recently know, but there’s something about people you meet online that makes actually meeting them in person much more warm and rewarding. It’s alot like a meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages, theres so much to talk about and never-ever enough time.

I’m not sure if I’ll post my concept online for everyone to read, I’m still not decided if I wrote this for public consumption or if its for private reference… that kinda hinges on whether I feel the genre really does requires people discover some of the story elements for themselves. None-the-less I’ve made a few wide strides, and I’m all the better for it. =)