Hi everyone, at last we have another comic posted, and another page done…

My schedule seems to be picking up, which for me means a mixed blessing. Originally I was hoping to post this comic a mere 7 days after the first, not planning for my amateurness or for the fact I’m still learning how to do these on time. Least to say I was plagued again by schedule gremlins, minor distractions here and there adding up to one big comicless mess. Of course there’s the sense of achievement, having managed to post the second page of the comic.

I really must thank Scott McCloud, above all his books have been no end of help in the process of making these comics. I’ve always taken expert advice with a pinch of salt, and I think I was already aware of how sensetive the details of expression can become. But to be honest I always viewed the difficulty of drawing faces a simple annoyance, but I didn’t truly appreciate how useful this can be for better storytelling.

Actually I spent most of saturday battling crap character faces. It’s truly amazing how fricken sensetive your eye is to expressions. The smallest most obscure detail can mean the different between looking insane, or the casual feeling of arrogant experience. What’s expecially frustrating is having two characters in a scene, one of them looking beautiful and perfect in every way, and the other looking like a goddam moron, (and being unable to fix the problem in less than 20 attempts).

I’m just glad it turned out as good as it did. \^O^/

As I’m sure you can guess, I managed to do the expectable and delayed this comic by a week once again. I console myself by saying “it was quicker than the first comic”, at least I’m getting better, at least I think so… Its a learning curve, and the art of sticking to a plan and not to getting distracted with other things is a talent I’m still learning. It’s so easy to get distracted when you live with too many people, cus what you plan and what actually happens ain’t never quite the same…

I guess you’ll have to excuse my lack of topics in this rant, I’m usually more opinionated than this.

You’d think I’d take a break at this point, having posted a comic, and bask in the slackdom of in-between-comics laziness. But here I am writing a rant, and honestly can’t think of a whole lot of non-comic stuff to mention. I realy should be telling you about how awesome I think Oddysey 5 is, or about the new SciFi channel, but I suppose that will have to wait. Even know I can feel the alluring pull to just go upstairs and watch TV for a little bit.

I suppose at some point in the future, I’ll finally have a moment to do some gag comics, simply for the fun factor while I work on chapter one. But that’s a while away yet, and I still absorbed in my preliminary introuction chapter. *writes his gag-comic ideas down*… Thanks everyone for your support =)