We have a new site. Yay. Ok – it’s not like you’ll hear any trumpets blaring, drums beating, tectonics faulting or such. In fact you might not even notice the difference, cuz I’ve kind of been too much of a slacker to come up with a new color schema that works. Oh well. I’m sure you don’t mind.

One thing you’re definatly going to like is the archive pages, cus this means you can now meaningfully browse some kind of an archive with pictures, as opposed to the complete lack-there-of in the previous website.

Another thing you might like is the new subscription function. You can now get our comics and news posts in your Vista Gadget or Apple Widget. For you techno-savvy people, the RSS feeds are now automatic, instead of waiting for me to remember that I haven’t updated the RSS file yet.

Oh, and you can now post comments on the comics and the news posts here. Please be kind to your friendly neighbourhood comic-man, cuz otherwise I might have to edit your little post =) – Ah well, new comic soon!