Every now and then I manage to stumble across something I simply need to share with you all. Those of you that are familiar with Dante’s Inferno shouldn’t need to read much further, because this is not just your average book-to-movie conversion. This is something unique, a brand-new update on a very old Latin classic from the early 14th century. It tells the story of the author ‘Dante’ descending into the underworld, guided on a tour through the nine circles of hell by the spirit of an ancient Roman poet Virgil, witnessing the punishments, and discussing the various themes of sin and the irony of divine retribution. 

This new production by the legendary artist Sandow Birk, in collaboration with the gifted puppeteer and political satirist Paul Zaloom, has somehow managed to meld the style of an apocalyptic live-action graphic novel with the charm of Victorian-era toy theatre. It’s scary, intricate, subversive, and darkly satirical. They’ve been very creative with it too, and retold it with hand-drawn paper puppets and miniature sets, without the use of any CGI effects, taking the viewers on a tour through the corrupted “hell on earth” waste of a Californian suburbia. Needless to say this was a knockout favourite on the 2007 film festival circuit, and I think Dante Alighieri would be very pleased with it.

Just a quick warning too, because this might be NSFW (not safe for work), as it has quite a lot of  explicit material, language, and images… so abandon all hope on entry here: <link>.