First a foremost I really should apologize for the lateness of both the comic and this rant. For some reason it seems I got myself all in a tangle over this whole convention thing…

Originally I wasn’t even considering going to the Brisbane Supanova, which is usually held around the second weekend of April every year. At most as a guest and casually drop a line about my comic to who ever would talk to me for more than a few seconds. To tell the truth, even though the whole weekend was a very busy and expensive venture for me, going and getting a table at the convention made the whole weekend into an awesome event.

I’ve never actually gone to a convention as anything except a guest, cramming in with all the thousands of other people that barely fit through the tight corners of the con. The whole thing behind getting the table wasn’t even really my idea, one of my mates suggested that it might be cool to go to the convention with unabridged access as a table holder in the Artists Alley, hoping that our table and banner might lend us a slight sense of legitimacy.

In former years the Artists Alley was crammed in the basement, and those behind the tables would talk to the wandering hordes that got bored of talking to all the vendors on the floors above. By design this year’s location was changed, and moved the convention into a much larger single hall, mixing in the Artists Alley and the Main Shop Vendors all around the floor together. So we kinda struck out lucky, and met some really cool people.

It always surprises me the kind of people that go to conventions. I myself have never done cosplay (dressed up as a character), but have been known to wear numerous t-shirts of my favourite shows. Generally I just love being part of the crowd, conventions have a feel to them that’s hard to describe. Sure the ‘normal’ people ridicule fans (aka. nerds), but I generally find them to be quite warm and kind people. I suppose it just confuses the non-going convention type how a bunch of fans (a.k.a nerds) intelligent enough to question the physics of science fiction shows, are also totally okay with the idea of walking around in public dressed in a wookie suit.

On another note, you might notice the first panel of this comic looks a little different than my previous style of drawing characters. In a nutshell that’s the reason why my comic has been so late, that and the dialogue on the same panel. It’s kinda the result of an artists crisis that occurred while waiting sorting out the dialogue for the first panel. Ideally this should have taken a week, but for one reason or another it’s only finally made it a whole month later.

Why didn’t I bother drawing the second panel same as the first panel?

I foresee getting asked questions why I left the second panel looking like my older comics. Without going into alot of detail, the reason is essentially because I actually drew and colored that panel long before doing the first. In interests of that lovely nostalgic charm, I decided to leave it alone, and move on with the rest of the comic. I’m kinda still experimenting with the look, but giving my characters a sense of adult maturity, I think, lends me a greater range of emotional possibility.

Lastly, I’d just like to say a quick thank-you to all the people from the con who have written me emails. That and my promise to stick to my once a week schedule as closely as possible.