Bollocks! It’s been a LONG time since I posted news here. I guess many of you are wondering what’s happening??

You may or may not even believe me if I rant on here about how much has gone in since the last rant. Instead I choose to focus on a only three of them, so I’ll have saved for later (and more regular) news posts.

The first I’m going to mention is that I’ve managed to sort out a huge amount of personal crap of mine. Nonsense that’s been bugging me for years. Stuff that prevents the drawing of comics, the building and websites, and the overall happiness of your friendly neighborhood tortured artist. Now that I have a proper life (lol), and I actually have topics to talk about, and things to draw, I might *actually* be able to deliver on a few of my promises.

As for the next thing,… well in short it seems I’ve picked up a very particular style of content creation. One that spans many many months with huge promises of something big right around the corner, and literally nothing but complete void in between. The PC gamers out there will probably already have guessed to which company I’m referring, but for those of you who aren’t yet ‘up-to-speed’ with things, I am of course talking about Valve, the wonderful creators of the Half-Life series.

Of course I can’t express just how long it takes them to make anything, the constant delays and unfulfilled promises can often make you question if they in fact get up for work during the months in between. Yet I find myself in the unique position of not being able to complain, out of my own guilty fear of hypocrisy.

Lastly, Dr. Who is absolutely amazing. Watch it! For those of you whom were promised a Dr. Who comic, I am truly sorry. Fact of the matter is that I still am fairly “awful” at writing dialogue, and it *really* needs more work in terms of concept before I release this issue. It’s coming, just give it some time. 😉

Anyway, back to drawing…