That whole apology for my lateness thing is really beginning to sound silly. But yeah, after much slackdom I’ve finally managed to put up a new comic. Never mind me if I shudder at how truly awful this one is…

To actually rant about something other than my comic for a change, I feel the need to express my thoughts on those whom speak so eloquently about the need for people to observe a total and complete reverence for spelling and grammar. Of course I’m ranting about this at a huge risk to my reputation as a college educated professional, but this is just my own thoughts, so you need not take this as gospel.

I can only speak from my own personal experience, but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to care about silly things like spelling and grammar, and instead focus on efficient and meaningful communication. Essentially my argument is that there are times, such as rants, msn chatting, and text messaging where things such as spelling and grammar need not apply.

The spelling police are the kind of people that feel quite free to strut around the office like some sort of freaking monk, judging you on your spiritual purity. You’ll find them hanging over the shoulders of the un-suspecting like some sort of big-brother loving, natzi saluting, self-richeous weirdo. I don’t understand why these people feel like spelling is some sort of reflection of your ability to know what the hell your saying.

Seriously though, some people really need to learn to chill out and let some bad (or creative?) spelling slide. People shouldn’t have to be thinking about spelling all the time in every communication they ever do. The only thing this does is irritate, especially when it adds nothing, wastes time and makes things harder then they need be.

On another note, you might notice this comic looks a little simpler than my last few. To be honest I don’t know whether to be full of love or hate for this comic. I decided to post it, cuz it would have been a terrible waste of time not to. But looking at the finished product, it not too bad,… it just lacks a certain something that I wanted it to have. I suppose its the evlusive cool factor I’m still working on.

You might also notice this is a gag comic. Much simpler in nature to script, and alot more interesting I think, but once again this is all kinda new to me. So you’ll have to forgive my inability to script and draw these with fluid ease. Hopefully doing this kinda simpler comics more often will help me develop my writing and drawing styles.