‘A Universe of What?’ – you ask.

Well COMICS! Obviously. I LOVE comics! I’ve been obsessed with them since my Dad bought me my first comic from a newsagent just down the street from his shop. To the eyes of a young and impressionable child, those precious few pages were a glimpse into another world. My horizons were expanded. Big things appeared in view.

In the world of comics guardians of truth and justice battled monsters and criminal masterminds. The brave and valiant fought the cruel and the heartless. Good triumphed over evil. Almost anything was possible, and countless ideas followed—but none would mean as much to me as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. From that moment I read that book, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a comic artist.

So, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re an experienced collector, a veteran reader, a new fan, or haven’t even read your first comic yet. I’ll happily put the pencil down and get chatty with all-comers. Because there are plenty of reasons to love comics and I’m convinced there’s a comic to suit everyone. Seriously. Everyone should read comics. For me, it’s because there’s something special about the power of words with pictures. There’s something magical that happens between the panels. Something truly unique that you just can’t get from any other form of media. Nothing makes me happier than filling my universe with an endless stream of brand-new shiny, sheeny, glossy, flippy-floppy multi-paneled story-telling awesomeness!

The only thing better than reading comics is making your OWN. Yes, it’s both terrifying and incredible at the same time. Sometimes you’ll love it, sometimes you’ll hate it – but there’s nothing else like creating your own comics. It will test your dedication, commitment as well as your ability to take the punches of failure and your will to keep on going. However if you can stay-the-course, in the end you get to hand your finished comic to someone and their eyes will get pulled into a world YOU created. There’s nothing quite like that!

More specifically, ShinyVerse.com was formed in 2008 from a collection of projects that I had been privately developing in my free-time. It exists now as an on-line web-comic, released as-often-as-I-can-manage, and freely available on this web-site. I write, draw and release each comic myself. When I’m happy with the script for a comic, it’s penciled into a sketchbook, then scanned, inked, colored and lettered digitally. The whole ordeal can take anywhere between 4-8 hours to produce a page.

If you like my work and are wondering if I’d be interested in taking commissions, well then you’re in luck! Please feel free to email me and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

If not, well then that’s too bad. But you can always visit my on-line store and support me directly by purchasing my books and merchandise. Or you could donate to my Pateron account. In any case thank-you for your generosity and your support.

Welcome on-board! 🙂