Well happy new year to everyone…

My regular visitors might have noticed that things look kind of different around here, and you’d be correct. I’m proud to present to you my latest creation, ShinyVerse.com mark 4. Yes that’s correct, I’m not in fact DEAD. I’m still here and have just been under-the-covers, tweaking code, unbolting bits ‘n’ pieces, and welding things together in a desperate attempt to make this site work better. Finally things look better, and behave in a way that doesn’t make writing news or posting comics feel like pulling teeth.

There is still a body of work yet to be done, and hopefully I can ignore my distractions long enough to bring the ‘sketchbook’ section online. A new feature I hope that you’ll like, because it’s a place where I intend to dump all my side work, and “unrelated to the comic” work for all to see. Hopefully then I can prove that I don’t JUST spend all my time playing video games, and generally sticking to my mantra of slackdom.

I’d love some feedback if you have any thoughts, so drop in a comment and let me know.¬†Catch-ya!